Short films

Here is the place to view them all. The compositions that I’am most pleased with.

A huge interest I have is making these short films of small events happening in my life. I started to capture and edit films short after the affordable interchangeable lens cameras appeared on the market. It’s been a journey finding the right workflow that fits me, giving the picture I perceive sweet and assemble and edit the frames in a manner that suites the real atmosphere into something to keep.

I mainly record the clips in raw with various Canon EOS cameras but mostly a 5D3. Glidecam shots is a ingredient I prefer in the films which is making the image come to life. I mainly capture clips with some ordinary lenses like a EF 100 L IS, a Samyang 35 1.4 and sometimes a EF 400 5.6 L not with cool glass as Iscorama anamorphic lenses or such.

I prefer Davinci Resolve for colorgrading and Premiere Pro for editing. Kodak 2383 is a LUT I find housing great colors together with BMD 4K profile and all “Clip Decoder Settings” in the Camera RAW tab in Resolve.

Editing to well-sounding music is a grand delight for me and I’am today leaning towards making short films with a story in mind.

Midsommar 2016 hos Janson – A short film from my friend Jansons midsummer party 2016. A great evening! Did the edit quite fast during 6 hours.