2016 spring semester work with Vray 3.5

A project that lacked a bit of render quality was my work done a year ago. Maybe because GPU rendering wasn’t really there yet. So today I’am trying new features like Vray Denoiser, Adaptive Lights and improved rendering speed overall.


Haven’t really tried Vray 3.5 for 3ds Max so this is my first shoot out, really nice speed on the renderings is something that I now experience. It’s getting there, GPU rendering. The rendering scene does not have any textures applied to the material yet. Will improve that if I feel for putting more time in to visualize the building.


Greatly improved and a joy to work it’s speedy gonzales all the way. So many new added feutures for GPU which makes rendering so much easier. Vray 3.5 is awesome together my favorite app 3ds Max



Have changed my way of working a bit getting all the Color Mapping ssettings set right. To get crisp lighting. Always use a burn value of 0.05 now on. My favorite HDRi right now is Peter Guthries Clear Sky 1714 availible at PGSkies.



Will do another post when I’ve rerendered the scene with a higher level of detail. For now I’am pleased with the speed of the interiors aswell. Doing all these renderings with A single Titan X Maxwell and another 250w GPU to support the viewport with. A Titan X Pascal would be a good one to combine it with to get lower rendering speeds.